Here is another hair retexture pack for you guys!

500+ followers, that is truly amazing. I’ve really appreciated all the emails about my hair retextures, you guys really made me smile :) Thank you so much for letting me know you like what I do <3

So this is the third fatpack I do with the same 45 colors (jennisims textures) and swatches. Find the other two HERE and HERE.

I’ve tested them in game and they did not cause any problems for me.

Eyes by brntwaffles

Lips by cienzroza

Eyebrows by evgans


Edit: Downloads has been moved from dropbox to mediafire. Links should work now!




Today I went for a gorgeous lunch date with my padre! I’ve been wanting to do a dedicated post about this wonderful Raw Vegan cafe for ages now, so glad we have this blog to promote it.

 It’s called Pure on Raw and it’s on Gibraltar Street in Sheffield, UK. Click through link to their website provided. They cater for not only vegans, but everything they serve is gluten- free, dairy- free, GMO- free and diabetic friendly.

 It truly is a place where you can enjoy healthy food at its best. They cook with love and appreciation. All food served is nutritious, pure and harmless! They believe that organic, live, plant-based food is key for our wellbeing and for a brighter future for our planet. Can’t say I disagree, really!

 To start I had one of their freshly blended juices, (I’m usually swayed towards the rather more indulgent smoothies, but my banana breakfast creation left me somewhat satiated) I went for Sunshine, a mouth watering blend of pineapple, lemon, orange, kale and spinach. Papa Snow went for the antioxidant boost smoothie, which was insane. Consisting of nut milk, blackcurrant, banana and dates. I can personally vouch for it after necking half during his trip to the little boys room.

 Food wise, I went for the big fat enchilada. Last time I had the cheesy pasta, which blew my tiny mind but I was feeling a little adventurous today and it certainly paid off. A live spinach wrap filled with red pepper pate, marinated veg, crispy veg, sweet peppers and greens. Served with a delicious leafy salad and fresh homemade salad dressing, garnished with sun seeds. 

As for taste, I think you’ll all know what vibe I’m going for by describing it as ‘BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE’.

 Dad went for the Cosmo extra wrap, not raw, served hot. Delicious nonetheless. A seeded wholegrain tortilla wrap, filled with pecan sauce, carrots, mushrooms, dill, nut meat, pesto and pickles. His verdict, and might I add he is a dyed in the wool carnivore, bloody brilliant.

 Too full for pud, but I managed to blag some take out treats from him, ready for an epic plane journey tomorrow! Needless to say by the time I arrive in the states I shall be considerably puffier after a couple of bags of chocolate and raisin oat cookies, BBQ kale chips and a generous slab of vanilla and apricot cheesecake. (Yep, cheesecake.)

 Stay rad , Pure on Raw!

 Hannah xo